Pvp arms priorities

Fury for PvP surely Arms Sir! 2. The Fury PvP Spec 3. Stat Priorities 4. Enchants 5. Re-forging 6. Gems 7. Glyphs 8. Rotation? 9. Additional Info .

Priorities Arm Warrior Pvp 4.0.6 follow me on FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Love2playwow/171922932822207Fury talents and glyphs for pve and pvp:http://love2playwow.com/class .

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. to give prot pvp a go, however, I can't seem to find any info on prot pvp (rotations, stat priorities . Is there a stat priority difference for arms/prot? I'm coming from arms, so .

What gem stat should an arms warrior stack for

Pvp arms priorities

pvp in WoW? ChaCha Answer: Stat list Note: Your priorities will change depending on wh.

There are priorities but for PvP it mainly depends on the situation. Sometimes you wait with . MMO-Champion � Forum � Class Discussions � Warrior � Arms PvP stats and priority on Pvp arms priorities .


. Arms PvP Guide - Info and Tactics (4.3) . So when you listed your priorities and you put slam ahead of HS, you should have said that .

As is, I have my stat priorities as: Stam Str/AP Resil Crit. The way I see it, ArP is just icing on the cake in pvp. But with the arms buff and the ArP buff in general, is this .

Hello, I am currently Arms pvp and as I have been saving up for the PVP Weapon I thought Pvp arms priorities now would be a good time to ask anyone on the PTR if SMF is better than TG for Fury PVP.

Cataclysm Arms Warrior PvP Build (34, 7, 0) Some of the talents here are . Basically you should get your enchants based on
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