Bb emoticons codes

. emoticon but there are many hidden blackberry messenger emoticons available and there are simple codes to . done it on purpose but yeah someone should contact the BB team .

BBCode is short for Bulletin Board Bb emoticons codes Code. It is used as a way for formatting posts made on message boards, blogs and more. It is similar to HTML in the sense that in .

The Rational Response Squad is a group of atheist activists who impact society by changing the way we view god belief. This site is a haven for those who are pushing .

Although BB Codes DO NOT translate into a CSS Code . (And other emoticons, depending on the variant)

Smiley codes, or emoticons . An emoticon is defined as a sideways facial glyph used in e-mail or Chat to indicate an emotion or attitude, as to. How to Use BB Codes

All emoticons can be easily find via emoticons list on YM ; Verification image codes (called CAPTCHA) of Yahoo Messenger's Bb emoticons codes Chat Room aren't case sensitive?

Blackberry Messenger Emoticons / BBM Emoticons and Symbols. If you looking for how to add . country flag BBM emoticons bbm emoticons list bbm smiley BBM symbols bbm symbols code .

Emoticons. For your convenience, this site supports most Bb emoticons codes of the standard BBCode markup. Various "emoticons" (codes that get converted into icons, often to express .

Wirelessly posted The BB Bold has a slew of new emoticons in the BB messenger and I'm . HTML code is Off

emoticon galleries ascii smileys western ascii smileys asian verticons asian verticons . on a forum or are adding a smiley to your sig on a forum that supports BB code then .

Does anyone know how to add other emoticons besides the basic on BB. I know you can add flags by . You can add extra codes by searching Pinstack for symbols which you can .

Open the email on your BB, then copy and paste it to yourself in BBM. . I suggest you to open this page with Ur BlackBerry device and copy this emoticons code then .

Here are the BBCodes for all the smilies / emoticons / post icons. Remember when you use the BBCode shortcuts, there are no spaces in between the brackets!

Add Funny Smilies n Emoticons with Smiley Codes. Fast n Simple Copy-paste
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